Machinima Reveals Teaser Poster For Transformers: Combiner Wars Animated Series

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on April 7, 2016.

Transformers, one of the most beloved franchises in the world has gone through many different iterations over the years. While certain incarnations of the property have had more mature story lines and themes in them (like the Transformers comics from IDW for example), all of the various animated series have been made specifically to appeal to a young audience. It appears that may no longer be the case since the latest Transformers series from Machinima, Transformers: Combiner Wars, will be the first animated series specifically aimed at an adult audience.

Transformers: Combiner Wars will be an eight-episode animated series which is set to launch in July. On Machinima’s Twitter page, they unveiled the first teaser image for the show which featured Windblade and what streaming service the series can viewed on.


The series will launch on go90, the video streaming service from Verizon Wireless, making it exclusive to mobile devices on that provider and anyone with a compatible mobile device. It is currently unknown if the show will be posted anywhere else beside go90 in case any interested potential viewers who don’t own the service wish to watch it another way.

Transformers isn’t just a franchise, it’s a global phenomenon; the ultimate passion platform for over 30 years,” said Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein. “There are over 10 billion views of Transformers-related content on YouTube and the four theatrical movies have grossed over $3.7 billion dollars in global box office. At Machinima, we are honored that Hasbro has chosen us to bring the next phase of this beloved passion platform to the world.”

Taking place 40 years after the great war on Earth, Transformers: Combiner Wars introduces new lore and all-new characters that, combined with the characters fans have known for decades, will bring the Transformers storytelling in a new direction.

The Autobots and Decepticons have disbanded and returned to Cybertron. With the days of Optimus Prime and Megatron over, Cybertron is now ruled by a triumvirate. However, an ancient technology has enabled a new threat, the power for multiple Transformers to combine into one massive, dangerous form: Combiners. Who will stand-up to this threat to ensure that the fragile peace that was 4 million years in the making remains?

Source- Flickering Myth


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