First Look at Spider-Man in New Civil War Trailer

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on March 10, 2016.

When Sony made the deal with Marvel to have Spider-Man be apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone was pretty excited to hear of this news and have been eagerly awaiting to see the newest incarnation of the Web-Slinger appear in one of the Marvel movies. After countless rumors, leaks, and casting updates, the new MCU Spider-Man has finally arrived!

Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will be making his debut appearance as the character in the upcoming Captain America movie Civil War before staring in his own stand alone movie in 2017. His new look was just revealed in the latest trailer for the movie which you can check out below. If you want to avoid spoilers and not see the new Spidey until the film comes out in May, you may want to advert your gaze and stop reading this article.

While the new costume is different from the ones worn by his predecessors in the last five live-action Spider-Man Movies, the suit still retains the basic look of the character which any audience member familiar with him will be able to recognize easily. So far the only key notable differences from this new outfit and the old ones is that the spider emblem on his chest is much smaller and that the eyes appear to be able to alter size just like in the comics.

The Spider-Man that we see in the trailer is composed of CGI in that scene, but he will most likely appear in a real version of the costume in the movie as well whenever he is not web-slinging or performing his acrobatic skills.


Captain America: Civil War will release on May 6, 2016 and the new Spider-Man reboot film is scheduled to launch on July 7, 2017.


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