Justice League vs. Teen Titans Animated Movie Announced

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on January, 20 2016.

Even though TNT’s Teen Titans series may be dead, DC still has other plans for the team as they are about to make their debut appearance in DC’s animated movie-verse.

TV Insider has provided the first official image of DC’s upcoming original animated feature film Justice League vs. Teen Titans along with the voice cast attached to the project. The voice cast includes Jon Bernthal as Trigon, Taissa Farmiga as Raven, Jake T. Austin as Blue Beetle, Brandon Soo Hoo as Beast Boy, Kari Wahlgren as Starfire, Shemar Moore as Cyborg, Sean Maher as Nightwing, Stuart Allan as Robin, Jason O’Mara as Batman, Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, and Christopher Gorham as The Flash.

James Tucker serves as supervising producer for Justice League vs. Teen Titans, which is directed by Sam Liu. Alan Burnett and Bryan Q. Miller wrote the screenplay for the movie and is not based on a specific comic book story.

The film—which will arrive this spring on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD—sends Robin to work with the Titans after his volatile behavior botches a Justice League mission. The young team then must really step up to face Raven’s demonic father Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world.

Source- TV Insider 


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