Marvel Announces Ongoing Gwenpool Series

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on December 22, 2015.

After the massive success and popularity of Spider-Gwen, a mashup character of Spider-man and Gwen Stacy, Marvel has decided to publish a new series based on another Gwen Stacy mashup character who goes by the name Gwenpool.

Gwenpool – a.k.a. Gwendoline Pool – began life as a Spider-Gwen/Deadpool mashup character on a Chris Bachalo variant cover, which became popular amongst fans and cosplayers. She was then properly introduced into the Marvel Universe in the Gweenpool Christmas Special by Christopher Hastings and Gurihiru who will both be working on this new series.



“I think it’s just so much fun, and we are telling an interesting story here,” says Hastings to Entertainment Weekly. “We’re not just making up a reason to buy comics based on a popular cosplay character. There’s so much to explore with this new character and all of her weird little quirks and things like that and I really had to make some very hard decisions in what we could tell in those very short little 10-page comics. It was super fun exercise in trying to make something entertaining in a short little period of space. I’m really excited to have the space here to really let it breathe a little bit. “

Expect to see Gweenpool #1 on shelves in April 2016

Source- EW


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