Justice League Dark Casting Rumors Emerge

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on November 18, 2015.

With the DC cinematic universe still being developed, news for films such as Batman v Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman have been frequently popping up everywhere. With so many upcoming big titles on their plate, its easy to forget about the lesser known projects but thanks to Latino Review, we now have some updates on the long-in-development Justice League Dark film.

Even though Guillermo del Toro left the project after handing over a script, Warner Bros was excited enough to move forward on it without him in the director’s chair. At the moment, the production is zeroing in on two members of the cast, which will feature Etrigan, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, Constantine, and Deadman.

While some fans may want Matt Ryan to reprise his role as Constantine for this movie, Warner Bros is deciding to go with A-Listers to play the characters instead and is currently considering having either Colin Farrell or Ewan McGregor for the part of John Constantine in the movie. The site also claims that even if one actor wins out and lands the role, the other may be offered the part of Jason Blood, the human half of Etrigan the Demon.

Del Toro reportedly wanted Ron Perlman to play the part of Swamp Thing. Warner Bros seems to be in agreement with his proposal and is pursuing Perlman for the role.

For the other characters, the role of Deadman is looking to be filled by a comedic actor, the role of Zatanna is looking to be filled by a hispanic or black actress, and Monica Bellucci is the reported top choice for the role of Madame Xanadu.

No new director or official timeline has been assigned to the film so it is unclear when, or if, production will begin on this film anytime soon.

Source- Latino Review


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