REVIEW: Back to the Future #1

Originally posted on Capeless Crusader on November 2, 2015.

With the thirtieth anniversary of the Back to the Future trilogy and the passing of Back to the Future day (10/21/15 the date that they traveled to in Back to the Future Part II), IDW comics has decided to celebrate the occasion by releasing their newest comic series based on the beloved films.

Back to the Future #1 by IDW delivers two standalone flashback stories done by Bob Gale, the writer of the Back to the Future trilogy, and several co-writers and artists.

The first story by Gale, co-writer John Barber, and artist Brent Schoonover opens with Doc Brown and his family from the events in the Old West at the end of the third movie. While working on an invention, Doc tells his children the story of how he first met Marty McFly, a few years before the events that occurred in the first film.

The second story by Gale, co-writer Erik Burnham, and artist Dan Schoening centers around Doc Brown’s early days as a teacher trying to get invited into a top-secret think tank project during World War II despite his reputation for eccentricity.

Both stories were quite enjoyable. It was a really smart decision to get Gale to work on this series. He captures the essence of what made the movies great and manages to perfectly translate it to page along with his team of creators. It also helped that when I read the stories, I imagined the voices of Doc Brown and Marty in the dialog (and occasionally in Rick and Morty’s voices as well) which to me is always a good sign that they got the characters and story right.

Out of the two stories, I personally enjoyed the first one more because I felt that it had stronger writing and it also answered a question that I was always curious about–How did these two meet and how did they become such close friends? I’ll admit the art on this one wasn’t the best and Marty looked kinda generic and nothing liked his movie counterpart but then again, he is supposed to be a few years younger so I guess it sort of makes sense in a way. For the second story I felt the complete opposite. I personally enjoyed the art more than the story itself. Everything and everyone looks so alive and vibrant compared to the first story. The story itself was good but I felt like it just wasn’t as engaging as the first one and it didn’t feel like there was a clear resolution at the end.


Back to the Future #1 is an incredibly fun blast to the past that recaptures the magic of the beloved movies and the characters. While the two stories are not perfect by any means, they both deliver some interesting bits that will make you want to pick up the next book in the series. I would definitely recommend this as a must read for any fan of the franchise.

FINAL SCORE: 8 out of 10


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